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Do You Know The Basics Of Door Repair?

A lot of people think you need a technician from door hardware suppliers in order to perform basic door repair, but that’s not true. Mind you, having a professional do repairs on your door would be more reliable, you can still figure out what’s wrong with the door.

In this article we’ll be talking about some of the basics of door repair that a door stopper supplier, door closer supplier, or any door hardware suppliers would tell you.


Fixing Door Hardware

We all know that over time things start to get worn out. Door hardware components need maintenance from a variety of things. Thankfully instruction manuals are always supplied whenever you purchase from a door stopper supplier, door closer supplier or any other door hardware suppliers. In there it tells you step by step what you need to do and go through to repair.

In chances where you don’t have those instructions on you here is a basic rundown. The first big thing is you want to be checking key components to your door every six months to a year. This is also what a technician would recommend as well. The range varies depending on the door type and how often its used.

door hardware.jpg

Fixing Door Hinges And Closers

In cases where you are dealing with door hinges or closers you’ll need a few drops of oil at the top. This will allow the oil to run down into the wearing surface area. If you are repairing yourself that is what you’ll do. You can also use dry graphite on lock mechanisms that require lubricant as well.

Either way you want to do all of this before cold weather comes. Any instruction manual from  a door stopper supplier, door closer supplier, or other door hardware suppliers will mention this.

door hardware suppliers

Fixing Door Stoppers 

Hinges and closers operate either pneumatically (air) or hydraulically (oil). As such, doors are used often, and in many cases they will start to bang against the stop. That or they will fail in closing completely. Once you get to this point, the idea for repairing this is to adjust the screw on the cylinder. By doing so, the door closes against the stop rather than bang against it or leave a gap.

If you seek professional help on these things, know that not every technician will do these for you. In many cases if there is a problem, they’ll request a new installation from a door closer supplier, door stopper supplier, or any door hardware suppliers that created the product.



Either way at the end, these sort of basic repairs are simple to do. There are several videos online that you can consult to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Furthermore there are the instruction manuals from the door stopper supplier, door closer supplier, or any door hardware suppliers that you purchased from.

Even in cases where you can’t repair it yourself, knowing what the problem is can save professionals time figuring out what is wrong. So it’s always worth checking this out.

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